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Some of these videos are Real Media files intended for DSL speed or higher. They should load and play automatically when you click on the link. There might be a slight delay as they load. Others are Google Video Player format and will play them live on your computer!

NEW - 6 X 6 Trophy Mule Deer (Google Video Format)

Tavaputs Ranch (3.4 meg, 2.00 min)

Hiking Spooky Gulch (6 meg, 2:21 min)

Spring Cutthroat at Strawberry Reservoir (2.4 meg, 1:27 min)

Boiling Stripers at Lake Powell (3.2 meg, 1:59 min), showing how to catch them when they boil on the surface during Aug and Sept.

Snowmobile Paradise at Bandanna Ranch (1.91 meg, 1:11 min)

Kayak Lake Powell (3.18 meg, 1:51 min)

Wakeboard Stunts at Lake Powell (3.3 meg, 1:55 min)

Black Hole: Hiking a great slot near Lake Powell (2.38 meg, 2:05 min)

Utah Outdoors Video Tips and Techniques.

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